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  • Bangladesh 166/8 in 20 Ovrs

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  • Vijay Shankar 12 (14)

  • Dinesh Karthik 22 (6)

ताज सिटी आगरा में दैनिक जागरण-आई नेक्स्‍ट बाइकॉथन के साथ सड़कों पर निकले साइकिलिंग के दीवाने

Chandra Mohan Mishra   |  Publish Date:Wed 08-Mar-2017 11:10:10
People of Taj City-Agra turned up in larger numbers with their bicycles on Sunday 19th Feb 2017 to be part of Dainik Jagran-inext Bikeathon Season 8. The event was a great success with who's who of the city being present at the venue to cheer up the participants. Many participants also won different prizes from Bicycles to Tablet computer.