आइये जानते हैं कि सेटेनिक वर्सेस जैसी दुनिया की 10 सबसे कान्ट्रोवर्सियल बुक्स कौन सी हैं?

1. The Satanic Verses
Author- Salman Rushdie
Country-  United Kingdom
Language- English
Genre- Magic Realism, Novel
Publisher-    Viking Press
Publication date- 1988

2. The Da Vinci Code
Author- Dan Brown
Country- United States, United Kingdom
Genre- Mystery, detective fiction, conspiracy fiction, thriller
Publisher - Doubleday Group (United States)
Transworld Publishers, UK
Bantam Books (United Kingdom)

3. Lolita
Author- Vladimir Nabokov
Country- France / Britain
Language- English
Genre- Tragicomedy, novel
Publisher- Olympia Press, G. P. Putnam's Sons, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, Fawcett, Transworld (Corgi), Phaedra
Publication date- 1955

4. Nineteen Eighty-Four
Author- George Orwell
Cover artist- Michael Kennard
Country- United Kingdom
Language- English
Genre- Dystopian, political fiction, social science fiction
Publisher- Secker and Warburg (London)
Publication date- 8 June 1949

5- American Psycho
Author- Bret Easton Ellis
Cover artist- Marshall Arisman[1]
Genre- Transgressional fiction, Novel
Publisher- Vintage Books, New York
Publication date- 1991
Pages- 399

6- Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Author- Mark Twain
Illustrator-  E. W. Kemble
Cover artist- Taylor
Country- United Kingdom / United States
Language- English
Series- 27
Genre- Satirical novel
Publisher- Chatto & Windus / Charles L. Webster And Company.
Publication date- 1884 UK & Canada, 1885 United States

7. The Chocolate War
Author- Robert Cormier
Country-  United Kingdom
Language- English
Publication date- 1974

8. The Wasp Factory
Author- Iain Banks
Country- Scotland
Language- English
Genre- Fiction
Publisher-    Macmillan
Publication date- 16 February 1984

9. The Catcher in the Rye
Author- J. D. Salinger
Cover artist- E. Michael Mitchell[1][2]
Country- United States
Language- English
Genre- Novel
Publisher-    Little, Brown and Company
Publication date- 16 July 1951

10- The Harry Potter series
Author- J. K. Rowling
Country- United Kingdom
Language- English
Genre- Fantasy, young-adult fiction, mystery, thriller, Bildungsroman, coming of age, magical realism
Publisher- Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)
Arthur- A. Levine Books (US)
Published     29 June 1997 – 21 July 2007 (initial publication)

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