Bikeahton Club

We are fun lovers, we are fitness freeky but freedom is our right. we are from bikeathon club setting the trend is one of the component of our lives, the bikeathon club is to enable us to grow the network and sustain our passion for spreading the trend on road

The Club

We have moments of FUN, FREEDOM AND FITNESS only. Here no one loose.. Everyone wins

  • We not only take our safety seriously but of the environment too.
  • We are freeky about our fitness …
  • We don’t lose the freedom
  • We are not bounded by the age, We want to welcome all the cycle lovers, who support, respect… “We are fun riders but every month we ride for fitness and freedom”
  • We are creating a community where people of different age groups from different professions come together and share their knowledge with each other. It helps to nurture membership engagement
  • We create the atmosphere of freedom and experience to enhance the cycling experiences
  • We are willing to set the trend, follow and inspire


1. Vision and Mission

We are fun riders. We are creating the rides where everyone wins
Set the TrendFollow, and Inspire.
Vision of Bikeathon Club is to make cycling a trend in the Hindi Heartland by unlocking the potential of general public

  • The mission of Bikeathon Club, is to create a healthy, cyclist and family friendly environment with a focus on promoting the trend of cycling in Hindi heartland
  • To spread out the mantra of fun, freedom and fitness in the society.
  • Through inclusive, the open membership, the club will build upon the growing cycling community within and outside of our community.
  • By organizing structured rides and routes , the club aims to be a local, state, and national promoter for promoting the trend of cycling


2. Background

For last 8 years we have seen the craziness of people for cycling. The success of the one day event “bikeathon” is giving us the confidence to create a club

We at Dainik Jagran INEXT are on with 9th edition of our cycling event Bikeathon . The success story of this property has continued with 8 consecutive years, where more than 10 lac people participated in it.

Bikeathon is an effort initiated by inext (now Dainik Jagran INEXT) –the leading daily of Hindi Heatland, a classy product from Jagran Prakashan Limited to promote cycling for good health, Bikeathon is organized every year in all Dainik Jagran INEXT cities. This is an interesting mix of a bicycle rally and a cross country mini marathon of sorts, rightly called as Bikeathon.

Bikeathon is not all about biking. Its main motto is to promote health and fitness consciousness amongst the masses through the environment friendly activity. The cycling enthusiasts throng the city with their bicycles and participate with alacrity in the popular annual fixture.

In last eight seasons more than 10 lacs participants across 4 states had got together to celebrate the spirit of biking for good health. Taking a big leap, The event saw lacs of the bikers joining the movement that's called Bikeathon. This year to the event is being tipped to be a great success with more fun, more freedom, more fitness and more connect.

Besides the rally, the event will see some inspiring musical, dancing performances from celebs at the venue to mark this Youthful extravaganza. And not to forget surprise celebrity visit. A wholesome experience with a difference! Bikeathon is for those who consider themselves young at heart and it continues to reflect the philosophy of Dainik Jagran INEXT Youthful attitude is the next big thing!

The success of Bikeathon has inspired us to establish a community of likeminded people who are interested in or aspiring to be involved in the lifestyle of cycling and outdoor adventure

The club will be  working towards Synergize Fun Freedom and Fitness, Symbolize freshness and energy, Promoting an environment friendly vehicle


3. Benefits of Joining

Rides are amazing, But benefits too:
One organized ride a month, Second Sunday, with the riders group on pre decided theme

  • Information & Apparel
  • Skills Workshops
  • Social rides
  • Special social events
  • Participation in events
  • Coverage of every event in Dainik Jagran INEXT newspaper and digital platforms


4. Join the Club:  Complete form with personal details. Click Here

Club Rides

We do not have moments of lose.. here everyone wins

  • CLUB RIDES are every second Sunday from January to December
  • Our rides consist of  A single group (Age 15 - 50)
  • All rides will have at least 2 re-group points.
  • ride leader not only serves to guide and nurture riders, but also to limit pace so as to keep the group together.
  • Rides will have different start times (between 6am to 6pm) and every ride will have a designated ride leader.
  • 12 cities will be riding across on the same day (recent or upcoming event will be highlighted with location, date and timing)
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