Avoid some silly mistakes on facebook to prevent yourself from big blunders. Have a look on some of the mistakes listed below and just never repeat them.

Facebook comments
Put your original photo in the profile picture and the real name on social networking sites like facebook. Choosing images of celebrities, cartoons, flowers, etc look stupid. 

Comment on photos of people you barely know and haven't seen in over a decade is not cool. Don’t just comment for the heck of commenting. Justify your presence on facebook by sharing good links and thoughts.

Broken heart
Do not make habit of blindly liking every comment and photo. If you find something unusual bouncing over your head just leave it. Don’t make a fool of you on just liking someone’s status who is sharing some recent tragedy with him.

Cross-posting your boring life makes it seem twice as boring. Choose a venue to crap out your trivial quips and stick to it. Do not use this cheap way to gain others sympathy. Do not discuss personal things on the social network sites. Your friends will run away after a certain time.

Do not reveal that you are out of town unless you want your place robbed. It is really dumb on your side that you are giving an open invitation to the big tragedy on the loudspeaker.

Do not upload pictures of enjoying vacations when you have applied for medical leave. It is the biggest blunder you can do. Avoid this blunder to cherish the happy memories of the vacations in your leisure time.