Monsoon or the rainy season is fully packed with advanced temperatures and humidity. It is necessary for you to vary your makeup according to the season. Your monsoon make up tools must be bright and water proof.

During this season you should avoid using foundation and face cream when going out because rain will wash it off leaving stained lines on the face. Confine yourself to using lipstick, rouge, eyebrow pencil and powder.

Use lipstick of a deep, vibrant shade and apply a dash, a lip gloss, to put a glow in your lips. Use rouge sparingly. Blend it carefully into the skin; see that it is a glow of colour and not an ugly red spot.

Pencil your brows in a series of fine lines and never in the form of a curved thick line with one swing of the pencil. The final effect should be a natural looking arch. Finish your makeup with light puff of powder.

Since creams can melt off the face, stick to powder formulas. Use a very minimum amount of foundation; unless you want a streaky face by chance you are caught in the rain without an umbrella! Use face powder instead.

Powder should only be used sparingly to blot the shine off of your nose. Powder on naked skin, and powder that's been overused, gives the skin a chalky, sickly look.

Apply blush lightly -- it looks prettiest when you can't tell that you're wearing it. For the cheeks, pick out the colour your cheeks get when you've spent a few hours in the sun -- either a pretty rose or bronze, again depending on your colouring.