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Sat 09-May-2015 05:10:13

Bhap Ki Murghi: Bhap Ki Murghi, made with spiced chicken and mango tubes.


Ras Malai Tres Leches, Fresh Fruit Cream (Mango): This sandwich dessert is prepared using fresh fruit cream made with the fruit of the season and mango is the flavour of this month.


Kanom Waan Mamuang: If you’re in the mood to try something other than the regular Thai dessert Mango Sticky Rice Pudding, opt for Kanom Waan Mamuang at Eat Thai.


Crispy Mango Specialty Maki: Mango may not be a native to Japanese cuisine but you can relish this seasonal fruit in your sushi.


Murgh Aamee Kebab: Enjoy some traditional dishes with a twist like Murgh Aamee Kebab tandoor roasted chicken drumsticks in a raw mango marinade.


Mango Balehannu Rasayan: Mango Balehannu Rasayan Mangalorean-style ripe banana with mango, coconut milk and jaggery.

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