Buzz is that the release date of Saif Ali Khan’s next, Agent Vinod will not be announced until director Sriram Raghavan is sure of meeting his deadline. Sources also say that a couple of day’s time of shoot is also pending. Earlier, the film’s release was scheduled for December 9.

Talking about the time taken to make the spy-thriller, our source says, “After completing a schedule, Sriram would edit the portions and revisit the script. This would help him figure out if some scenes in the next schedules could be replaced by just a couple of intermediate shots. So the screenplay and shot division for the next schedules would undergo some change, for a better product, instead of salvaging it on the editing table.”

It is learnt that while the principle shooting and the songs have been shot and the film is in post-production stages, a couple of patch-work shots still remain. “Minor shots to connect two scenes better, are to be completed,” reveals our source.

Not to forget the special effects, for a better finishing of the action sequences. “There are a number of scenes that have been done with the help of cable and wirework. So those have to be eliminated from the frames,” says our source, adding that the movie has about 500 special effects shots. “And that’s obviously going to take some time.”

Also, the director is equally fastidious about the right sound mixing for his movies. “Even if Sriram has locked things up to a portion of the movie, the next day he’ll go through the previous work just to be double sure. It’s never over till he’s satisfied with the final product,” sums up our source.

Hiren Kotwani

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